Human-Object-Nature Installation

Heart kept alive

The flashing of the bicycle lights which are fixed to the mistletoe with wire - evokes a hospital scene, a siren. As soon as the heart, as a metonymy of man, is torn out of its original position, it enters an urgent, flashing, ever-changing closed system from which there is no going back: it will depend on the machines.

The repetition of rotation, role-switching and analogies can also be found in this work, as it was present in the original environment of the mistletoe, in an interventional form similar to machines.

In this installation, a heterogeneous turbidity appears. People become objects, the object becomes an environmental element, and then nature takes over human qualities. Hybridity, on the one hand, points to the man-modified environment and, in a grotesque, imaginative way, also presents the repercussions.